Current Events
By Ginger Houston, World Events Expert

October 4, 1999
Every un-mind-controlled Citizen Of Earth, however few in numbers that group may be, has heard of Y2K. But what exactly is Y2K? How exactly did the government (in collusion with Majestic 12) engineer it? All these questions will be answered in the following weeks.
It all started in Roswell, New Mexico, in the year 1947, when the Extraterrestrials first made physical contact with the United States Military. Remember, by this time they had already set up the propaganda micro-wave transmitter machines on their moon base, which they used to subtly influence the Government back on Earth.
The Government requested Advanced Computing Technology, and the Extraterrestrials complied, with two conditions: First, they would only slowly release the technology, to make the cover-up story of human development far more plausible; Second, they would have a built in fail-safe called Y2K, which would be triggered the moment the new millenium starts as a means of human population control. The Greys realized that, given enough technology and time, some Humans (such as myself and my colleagues) would uncover this alien conspiracy. The only way to keep it quiet would be for Human civilization as we know it to end.
Come back next week for more information on Y2K. WELCOME TO THE TRUTH.

September 21, 1999
There was an earthquake today in Taiwan. The New World Order would have you believe it was chance. Natural. Yeah, right. It was retaliation from the Extraterre$trial$ to the Taiwanese government for breaking off contact with them. They threatened to create more earthquakes, but the government quickly caved in. When will they realize that sacrifices must be made to show the world the Truth?
In other, but closely related, news. Y2K is coming up. In preparation, I've doubled my survival rations to 20 years, and expanded my underground bunker. I plan on riding this out underground, because the ET$ are likely to use the decimation of all computer technology as an opportunity to attack. Beware.

January 22, 1999
Man, oh man, if only people knew just how much Chris Carter knows about the Illuminati...

December 25, 1998
It's not like it isn't obvious already, but I'd like to take a moment to mention how corporations use the already-ridiculous idea of Christmas to further their control of humanity, especially the American people. They exploit an absurd concept, the celebration of the birth of a deity who has existed for all of time, and convince people to buy what they don't need; the money goes to the corporations. Do any of the little guys benefit? No.

On another note, I don't know whether to feel sorry for President Clinton or not. Sure, he was a $lave to the New World Order, but now that they're taking him down I feel a little bad for him. I have the feeling this site will have breaking news about why exactly they turned on their former golden boy.

Merry Christmas! (I am being ironic)