Out of this World
By Kirk Brown, Alien Expert

September 21, 1999

I was on the street protecting my usual corner, when I was forced off by a female in what seemed to be a (stolen) law enforcement uniform. I was minding my own business, speaking at an "outside volume" about America and its dependence on alien technology when I hear, "Sir, do you wanna go downtown? Get off of this corner!" Surely, I thought, since she has done this once a week for the past 6 months, she would just leave me be. I mean, that is my usual corner. Anyway, as I am unwillingly forced to exit my dominion, I quickly realize...SHE IS ONE OF THEM. That's right. So simple. She is an alien. I'm not sure from what distant planet, but if I had to guess, she probably hails from 3rd Quadrant Geppling. This is just another instance of extra-terrestrials trying to dominate and take over our home planet. That's right...OUR. You're involved in this too! Something has to be done. That is why I am starting my 19th investigative novel, entitled "The Truth Is Right Here: Volume 4". I will update you when it is available for mail order. Meanwhile, be on the look out. You are not safe. There is no such thing as privacy in this decade. We are being watched. Don't be controlled.

December 18, 1998

My first post will deal strictly with facts. Aliens are real. They have been here all along. They have been through your mind as well as your photo albums you leave lying around the house. They know everything about us humans. Every move that you make is documented. Every word you utter is recorded. There is no escaping. No denying. No justifications. All you can do is accept it.