Rob's Dark Discoveries
By Robin Smith, Leading Scientist

September 21, 1999
"Seeing is believing." A statement that 72 percent of all Americans have heard at one point in their lives. What we see and experience is what we hold to be true. So why is it that we are not allowed to look directly into the sun for large periods of time? Because it’s harmful? No, because the government does not want you to open your eyes or your mind. It is a proven fact, proven by me, that looking directly into the sun is not harmful to your eyes. In fact, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. Looking into the sun is not killing me, thus, I am stronger for looking into the sun. The government does not want strong citizens. They want to keep the people weak by telling them lies, like looking directly into the sun is bad for your eyes. The government is keeping you blind. Only by looking into the sun will the world make sense; only by looking into the sun will you become stronger; only by looking into the sun will you realize that I am right.

January 25, 1999
The following article states nothing but the truth. I have uncovered one of the nation's secrets that I feel is my patriotic duty to share with the American public. All data has been doubled checked by me. It took me nearly five years of my life to get this information so now here it is.

Six hours a day, forty-two hours a week, 2,190 hours a year, is the amount of time the average American spends watching television. But the question one must ask oneself is, why? Why the craving for moving pictures with absolutely no deep philosophical or life meaning? Artificial light destroying our retins, and slowly depriving humanity of one of its most vital senses, sight. Are we so blind that we cannot see what is clearly in front of us?

There has to be a reason for this mindless, time consuming activity that we call watching television. There is: the government is changing the frequency of the wave that a television transmits in order to control your mind. Think of it: if the government controls your mind then they control you; if they control you then they control your vote; if they control your vote then they will stay in office forever. They are controlling you like a puppet on strings.

This is not the first time they have attempted to control the American people; it all began with the radio. The government is doing this because of the fact that humans developed an immunity to radio waves. This is why I personally do not own, nor will ever own, a television or a radio. The only way to fight the wave signal is simple: get rid of any and all televisions within a one mile radius of your house. If you are unaware of whether or not you are a slave to television (the government) here are some of the common symptoms you should look out for: Loyalty to your government, respect for any authority figure, and a love for television series with no original plot where the main character perseveres through all kinds of impossible obstacles--terrible!

I dream of a world in which the people a free. Freedom will one day be a reality for all. Though the government owns my body, they do not yet own my thoughts. As long as they are not able to trace me, I will continue to write the truth. Long live the people!

December 18, 1998
People always seem to be searching for the truth. The truth is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as the facts corresponding with actual events or happenings. Here I will present this truth ,as well as the concrete evidence that “they” don’t want you to know. For too long has the U.S. Government kept hidden it’s secrets for what they call “national security.” I am one of the few who has actually seen what this power hungry beast does, how it secretly contaminates our fresh water drinking supply in order to turn people into government worshipping zombies. Here I will tell nothing but the truth, I will not hide behind any pseudonyms, and if the government decides to take me away, you’ll know why. Because I am not afraid to tell it as it is.

Have you ever woken up, only to realize that you are not in the same place you went to sleep in last night? Well, I have, and so have many of the U.S. Citizens. I have done extensive research and found that this has happened at least once to 88% of the United States’ population. How and why is this happening you must be asking. It’s answer is really quite simple. The government is secretly abducting people, in order to question them, psychoanalyze them, and taking their genetic makeup in order to create a superhuman race, that will enslave the world.

People, I know this is hard to take in, but chances are they have your genetic makeup and one day you might be replaced by a clone. You probably don’t remember the abduction because after the questioning the government uses hypnotism along with a variety of drug combinations in order to clear your mind. Lucky for me, and for you, hypnotism doesn’t work on me, and I have a high tolerance for drugs so I was able to stay conscious for the entire procedure, although I had to fake sleeping.

The government is tricking you people. They are trying to not only control your lives, but actually create clones of you and actually own your life. There are many ways you can try to prevent this from happening. First of all you can do as I have been doing now for the past three months, STOP SLEEPING. This may sound irrational, maybe even impossible, but sleep was actually created by the government in order to stop you from thinking. As you sleep your brain shuts down, your body is unconscious, can you say government experimentation? Other ways include bolting yourself to your bed, or to wherever you are sleeping. Always try and sleep with another person, in the same bed, because it is a lot harder to get two of you without waking someone up.