Nessie Diaries
By Owen McMantenhauer

Owen McMartenhauer documents his noble search for the Ancient Monster Of Loch Ness with only his diary, a disposable camera, and his tape recorder.

Day One

7:01 AM: Boarded plane from Seattle to Scotland, super hot stewardess. The search begins for the most elusive creature on the planet: The Loch Ness Monster.
11:35 AM: In flight movie was The Nutty Professor. Eddie Murphy is hilarious. I read one of my books on the plane. I'm good
12:16 AM - 4:42 PM: (white noise)
6:47 PM: Damn, I left my tape recorder on by accident and fell asleep. I arrive in Glasgow and take a taxi to Whitebridge, a small village on the eastern shore of Loch Ness.
9:24 PM: Stay in a cozy inn in Whitebridge. This whole country smells terrible. Still no sign of Nessie. My batteries are dying. Better go get some new ones in the morni…

The Saga Continues.